Café and bakery equipment

Café and bakery equipment

Running a café or a bakery seems like a simple business idea. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s consumers/customers are becoming more and more demanding about the quality of the products they buy. This means that only „good” cafes and bakeries will survive on the market – not necessarily the largest ones belonging to the chain, but also smaller ones, which are distinguished by a unique climate in the country. Choosing the right decor, location and assortment must go hand in hand with proper product display and storage.

How to choose gastronomic equipment for your own business?

First of all, you need to have a precise action plan that we want to implement and properly selected products. We, as Instanco, will help you choose the equipment that will work well both in terms of exhibition and guarantee freshness and quality of the assortment. The ideal solution for cafes and bakeries are display cases – both neutral and refrigerated. The customer will have the opportunity to see what is on offer on a given day and will decide for himself what he thinks seems to be the most tasty. If we bake cakes on site, it is also worth investing in ovens that will improve the production process and cooling tables, which will ensure the comfort of work of employees. The devices influence the ergonomics of work, as well as its efficiency and speed. An additional and obligatory purchase will also be stainless steel furniture, high quality, which is a guarantee of a job well done.

wyposażenie kawiarni - kawiarnia

We provide not only the delivery and assembly of devices on site, but also the implementation of the project after previous measurements. In this way, the space available to the customer is used to the maximum, without losing even a meter of usable space.

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