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The organization and equipment of bars depends on many aspects, not only on the vision of the owner. The bar can be set for a specific, selected group of dishes or the available menu can be much more expanded. The same applies to the nature and profile of the activity. Before the decision to purchase individual equipment is made, it is necessary to think carefully about the role they will play and how often they will be used. Regardless of what the functioning of the premises will look like, we offer bar equipment that will meet all your needs. We are a manufacturer with an established position on the market, and our products enjoy a positive opinion. They are used by many restaurants and bars located throughout the country and in selected European countries.

The colour of the bar is uneven

The restaurants are divided in many ways, the same goes for the bars. The first division that influences what bars will be equipped with is the division into day and night establishments. Work in these restaurants will look completely different and the expectations of customers will be different. Besides, bars can also be divided according to what is served in them. This also means that the equipment of the bars is different. The first type may be the Cafe Bar, where the customer will find delicious coffee. Another type is the Drink Bar, which can be found on the premises of a good hotel. The Snack Bar is a snack bar and the Grill Bar should contain both hot and cold snacks. There are also bistros and pubs – the equipment of bars of this nature is different.

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Think about the right bar equipment

The most popular bars are the Cafe Bar, the Bistro Bar and the Kebab Bar. What to prepare for and how to choose the right bar equipment so that it fully corresponds to the profile of the activity? Because Cafe Bar is primarily a delicious coffee, you will need a good quality coffee maker, a coffee grinder and filters. If among the assumptions for the future menu is to extend the menu with fresh juices, the bar equipment should include the purchase of a juice extractor. However, it should be remembered that although it is fundamental in this type of place, it is only the beginning of the completion of equipment and gastronomic furniture.

The equipment of bistro-type bars looks different. It would be good if the work table purchased for the premises included a stainless steel swimming pool, which allows you to wash larger pots. For this you need shelves and a dishwasher. Some bars do not have a dishwasher, but thanks to it you can save a lot of time and energy, and the glass will have a nice shine. Kebab-type bars must be equipped with a place for preparing food from semi-finished products. If the dishes are served on reusable dishes, as in the previous case, it is worth investing in a dishwasher and a suitable refrigerator table.

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Discover our full range of gastronomic equipment

In our offer we have equipment that is necessary in the gastronomy. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that the bar equipment will meet the highest standards. Being aware of how different is the demand for individual equipment, among our products are such products that will prove themselves in a bar with a specific profile of activity, but there is also a number of universal equipment. This translates into a comprehensive offer and allows for full bar equipment. We believe that our products will contribute to the reputation of the restaurant and its success.

Choose equipment tailored to your needs

The customer is looking for a place to eat deliciously, where dishes shine with cleanliness and service is efficient. These are the factors that are directly influenced by the bar equipment. Based on our long experience and knowledge of the catering industry, we only offer products that guarantee ergonomic work that will translate into a greater number of guests. Our bar furnishings are designed to meet the needs of different establishments. If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our qualified advisors will provide professional answers and help you choose the best products in a given case.


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