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Product description

Under-counter dishwasher made in Spain. It works well in small, medium and large gastronomy. Made of the highest quality components which ensures high quality and aesthetic appearance. Designed to wash plates, bowls or cups and dishes made of glass. The cartridge in the form of universal baskets made of heat-resistant plastic. Analogue navigation of washing processes.


External dimensions [mm]: 488 x 550 x 650
Productivity per hour (glasses/plates): 1000/-
Cage dimensions [mm]: 400 x 400
Usable height [mm]: 220
Total power [kW]: 2.71
Boiler heater [kW]: 2.6
Tank heater power [kW]: 2.4
Washing pump output [kW]: 0.11
Water consumption per cycle [L]: 2,2
Voltage [V]: 230 V / || / 50-60 Hz
Weight [KG]: 44

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