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Product description

A series of ice cube machines designed and manufactured entirely from the highest quality stainless steel.An innovative solution for the mechanisms used allows us to achieve a high-quality end product. The cube machines have a built-in container – there is no need to connect additional elements of equipment for efficient functioning. The resulting granulated ice (available at temperatures slightly below 0°C) contains about 25% residual water. It is perfect for use in the preparation of cocktails, iced juices, iced coffee and many others.


External dimensions [mm]: 500 x 525 x 560
Height adjustment [mm]: x
Maximum depth [mm]: –
Production of ice cubes within 24 hours [kg]: 270
Number of cubes in the cycle [pcs.]: x
Capacity [kg]: separate container
Cooling system: air / water cooling
Control system: manual
Voltage [V]: 230V 50 Hz
Energy consumption [W]: 1100
Type of refrigerant: R404A
Weight [kg]: 66