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Product description

A unique combination of heating and cooling display cases, enabling the presentation of products in a small space, requiring both low and high temperatures. Fully glazed construction with internal LED lighting. Presentation of products has never been so simple. Placing the shop windows directly on the front counter the product is given to the customer practically to the face. Such a combination is ideal wherever there is a need for presentation and sale of products for hot and cold.

Temperature stability and ease of adjustment make the concept even more attractive. See for yourself! We also give you the possibility to choose display cases units of different lengths – gradation counted in the number of GN1/1 entering the display units. Combo website can function both as a self-service element or in the control mode – the only difference is the windshield or lack of it. NOTE. A refrigeration unit requires a ventilation grille in the exterior installation of furniture that forms the basis of the display cabinets.


Dimensions: 1450 x 800 x 1430 mm
Power: 0.44 kW (cooling), 1.04 kW (heating)
Voltage: 230 V
Temperature range: from 2 to 12 °C (cooling), from 30 to 110 °C (heating)

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