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Product description

Ice machines are made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures long life of the device and protects it against corrosion.It has intuitive, electronic control panel, easy to use.The built-in mechanism allows you to create standard 10 gram ice cubes.The high cooling capacity ensures the production of high quality ice cubes and is the optimal, economical solution available on the market.With a production capacity of about 15,000 cubes per good day, this type of device will work well in any large catering business where the demand for ice is very high. The distinguishing element of this product is the possibility to choose the right size of ice cubes.In addition to the standard, it is possible to program the production of 6-gram and 17-gram dice.


External dimensions [mm]: 760 x 620 x 575
Height adjustment [mm]: x
Maximum depth [mm]: –
Production of ice cubes within 24 hours [kg]: 250
Number of cubes in a cycle [pcs.]: 370 [6gr] / 234 [10gr] – standard / 140 [17gr]
Volume [kg]: separate container
Cooling system: air / water cooling
Control system: electronic
Voltage [V]: 230V 50 Hz
Energy consumption [W]: 1000
Type of refrigerant: R452A
Weight [kg]: 70