Service of devices


Knowing and understanding the specification of gastronomic units, we know how important it is to ensure the continuity of kitchen operation in the event of failure. To meet your needs, through a developed chain of dealers throughout the country, we provide fast and professional service, which will cope with even the most unusual failures.
Each of the Instanco devices has a service warranty, which covers proportionally 12 or 24 months. This ensures safety and certainty that our equipment will work for you for many years.

Price list of maintenance services

first hour of service technician's work 120 PLN/net

each additional hour to be settled every 30 minutes

transport to the Customer in Poznań (+/- 40 km) paid at a lump sum of 100 PLN/net

distance more than 40 km from Poznań - 1.30 PLN/net per kilometre

serwis w całej polsce