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Product description

A dishwasher with under-counter character is an ideal element of complementing every kitchen line. A trigger hole at the front makes it easy to remove and insert the cages inside. Designed for comprehensive washing of plates and bowls, but also glass. High throughput, which is influenced by the speed and quality of washing, allows you to increase the efficiency of each kitchen. Made of the highest quality components. Expanded, analogue system of navigation by washing processes.


External dimensions [mm]: 580 x 650 x 820
Productivity per hour (glasses/plates): 1440/480
Cage dimensions [mm]: 500 x 500
Usable height [mm]: 380
Total power [kW]: 3,35
Boiler heater [kW]: 2.6
Tank heater power [kW]: 2.4
Washing pump output [kW]: 0.74
Water consumption per cycle [L]: 2,3
Voltage [V]: 230 V / || / 50-60 Hz
Weight [KG]: 54

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