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Product decription

Roller grill is a device for toasting various types of sausages. It works perfectly in bars, at petrol stations and other gastronomic
facilities with fast service.
The surface of the toaster, depending on the number of rolls, has one or two heating zones, which in the case of 2-zone devices
allows you to adapt the device to the current load, enabling a lower temperature for sausages that are already heated and
simultaneous toasting new products in the second zone. The toaster is characterized by high quality and hygiene, thanks to use
of stainless steel components. The product consists of 6 to 14 rolls made of stainless steel or with non-stick Teflon surface, so
that everyone can customize the device to according to their needs. The Instanco grill guarantees fast heating, simple handling
and easy cleaning.


Dimensions: 540 x 468 x 173 mm
Power: 1,5kW
Voltage: 230V
Temperature range: 50-300 oC

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